G2 Production Updates

Update #2


Hi everyone!

Hopefully you were able to get in on the Super Early Bird pricing during the month of February. We've had a productive month on G2 and here are some highlights: 

Circuit Board

At the moment we are performing several tests on our development boards. 

As you've seen from our features page, G2 is a mix of analog and digital circuitry. We're running audio tests to verify the fidelity of the headphone output. The tests will determine if we need to swap out/resize resistors and capacitors in the circuit. 

We're also testing the signal input circuit with several basses, from the most passive bass to active 18V designs. Much like the headphone output, this will ensure we have the correct mix of electrical components. We'll also be able to determine the pad stages and how much gain to include so you'll be able to have a consistent rumble regardless of the bass you use.


3D printing has allowed us to test many, many enclosure as we seek to find the best optimized design for G2. 


We are 95% of the way completed with the design. The last area we are looking at refining is the strap attachment.  

Once we finalize the enclosure design we'll be able to fully test it out before selecting the manufacturer for production.


Magnet design is finalized, and we're close to bidding the design for manufacture. We're very happy with the performance and will plan on uploading a video in a future update showing the thump compared to G1 BackBeat. 


If you have any questions, want more/less information, let us know in the comments!



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Update #1


Here’s where we give you the low down on where we are in the production process of BackBeat G2. From sourcing components to supply chain timelines to manufacturing schedules, you’ll be in the know. Stay tuned for the latest info.

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