Update #4

No, we haven't hired the Predator....(yet)

charging chip heat map

This image is courtesy of a FLIR (forward looking infrared) camera which picks up surface temperatures and, in this case, converts them to colors.


You can see the charging chip as the hottest component at 114F (46degC) with heat radiating out and dissipating into the PCB. This test is during a full recharging cycle and ensures we are well below chip junction and operating temperatures.


We've also confirmed proper Li-Ion battery constant current/constant voltage charging parameters. 


The blue curve (current) shows constant current charging while the green curve (voltage) rises to its max voltage (4.2V). Once it reaches 4.2V, voltage remains constant as the current drops until reaching maximum capacity.


charging profile

The charging capability in G2 is a substantial upgrade to G1. We have better protections, safety, and the ability to eventually diagnose any issues through the app.


We also have an on board Fuel Gage that will help you see battery life. We can communicate this visually through the LEDs on the touch pad as well as more accurately through the app.








  • Or is heat only a concern during charging?

    Karl on

  • Will you test it again in real-world environments? Is the cover fully on in this picture? What about additional hear from operation, being pressed against a warm body and running in a sunny summer day?

    Karl on

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