G2 Features

1. Basic Functionality

BackBeat is a tactile device with a shaking mass. In principle, it's like a speaker without a cone. If you play the A string on your bass, the moving mass will oscillate 55 times a second. You'll feel this through your body, and your mind will instinctively know you're playing an A.

2. Specifications

Touchpad Controls

1. On/off button

2. Increment/decrement buttons

3. LED indicators

4. Mode button



L = 140mm (5.6in)

W = 75mm (3in)

H = 25mm (1in)

Weight = 310g ( 11oz)

G2 has 2 inputs; a 1/4" mono instrument input and 1/8" stereo Auxiliary input.

The 2 outputs are the rumble response and Headphone output.

The G2 touchpad control allows these outputs to be independently mixed and controlled from mute to max rumble/volume. See the Touchpad video for more details.

1. Motor

N52 magnet

heat treated steel spring

insulated copper wire voice coil

20-180Hz response


2. Rechargeable battery

3.7V 3000mAh 18650 Li-Ion battery

5-6 hours usage

1-2 hours recharge


3. Headphone output

1/8" TRS jack

20-20kHz response


4. Auxiliary input

1/8" TRS jack


5. Instrument input/through

1/4" TS Neutrik jacks

1Mohm input impedance


6. Bluetooth

nRF52 Bluetooth module


7. USB-C

5V USB-C charging connector


8. enclosure

ABS+PC engineered thermoplastic

TPE Durometer rubber edge

3. Configurations

BackBeat G2 signal path is shown in the above schematic using the provided Custom G2 Cable.

This is the same as the Standard Configuration except its using the Through jack on the G2. In this configuration you can use any cable you like.

In this configuration you're able to use G2 for practice. Play a song from your phone and play along with your Instrument. You can chose to mix the Headphone output with or without the mixed Rumble response.

You can send your entire IEM mix to the G2. The stereo headphone output maps to the TRS Auxiliary input.

4. Control


We're currently developing the BackBeat App. With control from your phone you can make changes on the fly:

-slider/knob control for volume and rumble.

-pad control.

-battery status.


The app will also allow you to manipulate HOW you feel.

-rumble cross-over adjustment.

-EQ of the rumble and headphones.

-other future features.