As technology evolves, more and more artists and venues are turning to in-ear monitors and an amp-less stage. While there are many benefits to wearing IEMs for artists, one of the biggest consequences is that they no longer FEEL the bass guitar on stage because there is no longer a giant cabinet moving the air as it’s creating sound. FEEL is critical.

It's the foundation of that telekinetic bond between drummers and bass players that creates the pocket and defines what it means to be the rhythm section. Without it, we FEEL lost. BackBeat solves this problem. It's the world's first wearable rumble pack that turns every low note you play into a vibration you can FEEL while using IEMs.


BackBeat was born in the mind of founder Yerko Sepulveda as he was playing bass in his church shortly after they converted to an amp-less stage and IEMs. He was struck by how strange it felt to play bass without that familiar sensation of his cabinet pounding the low end behind him. After being disappointed with this situation, Yerko began to develop and refine the concept for a wearable rumble pack.

Yerko brought his first functional prototype to Summer NAMM in 2017 where it caught the eye of veteran artist and 5-time Grammy Award winner Victor Wooten. With his encouragement, Yerko continued to refine his design and introduced BackBeat to the world with a wildly successful Kickstarter in the spring of 2018.

Designed and assembled in Detroit, Michigan, BackBeat is now being enjoyed by bass players all over the world and continues to gain attention and support from some of the best artists to ever play on 4 (and sometimes 5 and 6) strings.