Update #3

The brain of BackBeat is the Bluetooth module. The module has memory storage which will contain all the code for the components on the BackBeat circuit board. 

Right now we're working on finalizing the Battery Charging chip registers:

charger registers

 These set the parameters for charging such as:

-maximum charging current.

-input voltage limit.

-input current limit.

-termination current limit.

-enable and disable charging.


There's also a host of Status and Fault information which will help us diagnose battery/charging issues. This is all to ensure proper charging, safety, charging efficiency, and prolonged battery life. 


The battery chip also integrates with the Coulomb counter which will help you determine battery life and charging status. In battery mode, the Level Indicator LEDs on G2 will approximately indicate how much charge is left in the battery:

level indicators


In the app, this will be a lot more accurate and provide battery life indication like you would get for a phone battery.


As always if you have any questions, drop them down below!




  • How can I get more battery life from my G1?

    Ralph Holguin on

  • Anymore details about ETA?
    Lot of gigs to come.. the sooner the better
    altough I am now using the G1

    Lomon hofstede on

  • Very Cool! Can’t wait for G2!

    Jamie Bestwick on

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