1. G2 custom cable large end
  2. G2 custom cable small end
  3. G2 custom cable plugged in to BackBeat
  4. big end plugging into bass

G2 Cable

Regular price $29.00
Every BackBeat ships with one custom TS/mono cable.


-42 inch long spiral shield coaxial with a PVC jacket.

-small 90 degree end plugs into the BackBeat.

-large end plugs into your bass. It’s a Y-connector with a jack that can connect a wireless pack, or a signal cable to an amp, DI, or pedal board.

-with cables attached, the G2 does not draw any power so you can leave them connected if you wish.

The G2 1/4” jacks are hardwired together. If the battery dies, your signal will continue to pass through. And like the original BackBeat, the G2 input impedance is 1Mohm so there is no tone change even with a passive bass.