Welcome to your G2!

The following information and videos will help you understand how to operate your G2.

(Plug in your G2 to charge first. Scroll down for more information on charging.)

G2 Modes of Operation

G2 has 7 different Modes:

1. Standby/Playing Mode

2. Battery State of Charge

3. Pad Setting

4. Instrument Input

     -BackBeat will rumble bass, guitar, any 1/4” TS input.

     -left and right chevrons control rumble intensity.

5. Instrument Input Headphone output

     -plug in headphones or IEMs to hear the Instrument input.

     -left and right chevrons control Headphone output volume.

6. Aux Input

     -BackBeat will rumble any 1/8” TRS input. This could be song from a phone or        a connection to a LiveMix/Aviom style personal monitor mixer.

     -left and right chevrons control rumble intensity.

7. Aux Input Headphone output

     -plug in headphones or IEMs to hear the Aux input.

     -left and right chevrons control headphone volume.



Unit will automatically turn off when the battery reaches 3V and will need to be plugged in and charged.

At any point in the Mode cycle, the touchpad returns to standby mode if you have not given it any commands within 60 seconds.

See the Touchpad how-to video below : 

G2 Touchpad How-to

G2 Charging

Each BackBeat ships with a USB-A to USB-C charging cable. Plug the USB-A into a wall adaptor and the smaller USB-C into the BackBeat to charge.

G2 + USB-C

The LEDs indicate the state of charge. For example, this image shows around 40% state of charge.

G2 charging

Note that when charging, all other G2 functionality is off, you cannot enter into the different Modes of operation. The battery icon is not on when charging.

Once the battery is fully charged, the five indicator LEDs will be solid green. The BackBeat will then turn itself off after 30 seconds.

You can also use any other USB-C cable including those from Apple or USB-C to USB-C.


G2 Cable How-to

A few notes on the cable:

-we designed the Y-connector jack as standard as possible. Your setup may require a different cable.

-you can slice/modify the cable to suit your needs.


Be careful to not twist/torque the 90 degree end of the cable, pull it straight out as shown below:



Also note, when plugging a signal cable into the custom Y-cable, make sure the tip shape has a steeper angle as shown in the photo below. A longer tip with a shallower angle may not make contact in the compact Y connector.  




G2 Strap Clip How-to


G2 App

Your G2 is app-ready. Once we release the BackBeat App, we'll have further instructions here.


If you have any questions about operating your G2, please email hi@getbackbeat.com.