Update #9

Hi All,

We hate to bear bad news, but need to let you all know the G2 will not be shipping in October as planned. 

As noted in previous updates, due to chip shortages we had to redesign the circuit board, which has had other compounding effects incurring further design and tooling changes.

In a nutshell, we underestimated the redesign and production time. As such, we project to be shipping in January. This is based on our suppliers' timeframes and our assembly process here in the US. 

We are bitterly disappointed that we have not delivered on our timeframe. We want you to have the next generation BackBeat as much as you do.

Our continuing goal is to keep on top of our suppliers regarding delivery. We're already prepping our assembly process for when the components arrive.

The spring/magnet assemblies are currently in transit across the Pacific Ocean.

We will continue to share photos of components as they come in, as well as more detailed production/assembly updates.


Does anyone have a G2 unit?

No one has a G2 unit. Any social posts you see are the original G1 BackBeat.

Are there any G1 units available?

No, they are sold out. Our focus is 100% on building and delivery of G2.

Is it possible you'll ship sooner than January? 

Yes, it's an outside possibility. 

Will any of this increase the unit price?

Absolutely not.


Thank you for your patience and continued support. We're making the best possible product we can for your enjoyment. As always, if you have specific questions, you can email us directly at hi@getbackbeat.com.


From the Low End



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